Advanced Course

UI Development
with React.js

  • 75 hours
  • 390 CHF / month

This advanced-level course is designed to help you strengthen your User Interface (UI) development skills using React.js as a foundation. With video trainings, written lessons and a variety of projects, you’ll gain in-depth, hands-on skills using the React.js framework while building a portfolio of real-life applications.

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Why you should learn
UI Development
with React.js

UI developers shape the way people interact with the digital world. React.js is an open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook and supported by a team of contributors around the world. Used by Instagram, Netflix, Paypal and Apple, React.js is ideal for creating scalable and complex user interfaces and elegant user experiences.

High-demand for
UI developers
across industries

UI developers are essential for creating effective e-commerce and mobile experiences. As more companies go online, employment opportunities for UI developers are expected to grow by 19% between 2014 and 2024—nearly triple the average projected growth rate for all occupations.

Demand for React
outpaces supply

The demand for React developers has been increasing for some time. In fact, 33% of employers in a recent survey needed React skills, while only 19% of developers had them.

Transforming lives
—Peter, Geneva

Photo of Peter, EPFL Extension School Alumni

It was a decision that literally changed Peter’s life. He’d returned to Switzerland after studying and working in Canada, and was struggling to find a job. Worried for his future and without Swiss certified digital skills, he decided to take the EPFL Extension School’s advance-level React.js course.

He wasn’t to know that it would set him on the path to an exciting new career. A History and Cinema Studies graduate doing odd jobs and unsure of what to do with his life, Peter had gained web development skills through a Canadian bootcamp. He liked the combination of building for a purpose, logical problem-solving and the creativity web development offered. Work followed—until he returned to Switzerland. It was a tough period, he recalls. But the up-to-date React.js course, learning to structure and write code cleanly and elegantly, changed things for him. It was his last step in becoming a complete full-stack web developer. It also got him noticed by an EPFL Professor and a job in a innovation lab working on digital epidemiology.

Who is
it for?

UI Development with React.js is for web developers who want to enhance their UI development skills using the most up-to-date features and patterns of React.js. The course is designed to help learners gain mastery of the React framework, while gaining hands-on practice with modern JavaScript methods and features.

" I have done many courses, even with the big tech companies, but yours are incomparable. They are very, very good! "

Julita, EPFL Extension School Alumnus


The UI Development with React.js course uses a mix of video trainings, written lessons and a variety of projects to help you master UI development skills. You’ll gain in-depth, hands-on skills by using the React.js framework to build a portfolio of real-life applications.

  • Getting Started with React.js: The foundations of the React.js framework and ecosystem, including working with the DOM, using components, creating React apps and testing with Jest and Enzyme
  • Data Visualization: Develop a basic app visualizing data on an interactive map using stateless functional, class and controlled components
  • Product Customization: Create a product customization UI using compound components and context, as well as the Canvas API and render props
  • Image Recognition: Build an image recognition UI using the TensorFlow.js library, hardware APIs and hooks
  • Other Topics in React.js: Go deeper with additional React concepts, including an overview of the React Native framework and custom renderers
  • Learner Project: Demonstrate what you’ve learned during the course by developing your own user interface with React.js

These course details are subject to change; please refer to the program outline at the time of registration.


This course is taught at advanced-level. You should have the following tools, skills and abilities prior to registering for this course:

  • English at B2 level
  • Previous experience developing user interfaces with JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • A basic grasp of modern JavaScript (ES6)
  • Experience using development utilities (Git, NPM, Yarn, Webpack, Gulp, etc.)
  • A computer with macOS, Windows or Linux
  • High-speed internet connection to stream videos and participate in video chats

Taught by

Harry Anderson
Harry Anderson Course Developer and Instructor

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UI Development with React.js

  • Advanced Course
  • 75 hours
  • 390 CHF / month
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