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The EPFL Extension School provides digital upskilling solutions for companies who have chosen to invest in their own talents to drive the digital transformation of their business and ensure future growth.

Our portfolio ranges from foundational courses to advanced programs in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Web Development, enabling everyone to find a path towards digital literacy and develop new skills.

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We provide digital skills for everyone through a project-based learning approach with video trainings, written lessons and hands-on exercises. Your team will apply their newly acquired skills to real-world problems, including personal support from our course instructors and learner experience managers.

Advantages for businesses

We partner with numerous companies of all sizes who have chosen to invest in their own talents to drive the digital transformation of their business and ensure future growth.

Our partners benefit from a range of customizable services:

  • You can upskill everyone: we have courses and programs from foundational to advanced level
  • You are supported all the way: we help you implement the training offer within your company
  • You build immediate value for your company: thanks to real-world mini projects throughout our courses and the capstone project for programs
  • You benefit from a tailor-made offer to enable your workforce to learn at their own pace and maintain training budgets under control

Growing your
own experts

Employees with digital skills and data literacy are already critical assets for most organizations. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people with these skills and abilities to meet today's needs. Current teams, however, offer incredible upskilling potential as they already know the business and company culture inside out.

Continuing to compete for increasingly scarce talent is a short term solution. Organizations will have to adopt strategies for upskilling and training their own people if they are to successfully adapt to the ever-changing demands of digital environments.

The EPFL Extension School will give your employees the skills they need to take advantage of the technological opportunities in front of them today - and enanble them to keep learning for the challenges of tomorow. By upskilling with the EPFL Extension School, you will:

  • Develop hidden potential in your people and discover capabilities you never knew were there.
  • Retain talent in your organization by making a commitment to ongoing personal development.
  • Grow expertise internally instead of seeking it from outside.

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