Thinking and Creating
with Code

  • 150 hours
  • 350 CHF / month

This beginner-level course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to solve problems with code. It gives you hands-on experience using JavaScript and Python to develop software and build websites.

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Why you should take
this course

At its core, programming is about solving problems. Learning to program means applying computing skills to understand data and using code to create solutions.

Gain key problem-
solving skills

From analyzing data to developing apps, visualizing business insights to creating games, using programming concepts to solve problems is a foundational skill for further learning in the digital age.

Learning one coding
language isn’t enough

Being able to code in more than one language is becoming an essential skill. While you’ll use JavaScript and Python to build your projects in this course, you’ll also acquire practical skills that translate across other languages.

Transforming lives
—Anaïs, Geneva

Photo of Anaïs, EPFL Extension School Alumni

Anais has a dream. Her goal is to be a product manager for an e-commerce. She loves her current job as a project manager for a communications agency. But she is thinking ahead.

Digital skills and the technical vision they would bring will enable her to better engage with web developers in her current work—and to change her career stream in the future. She’s already seeing benefits from the time and effort she has invested in the EPFL Extension School’s Thinking and Creating with Code course as she feels she has gained professional credibility with her new skills.

Who is it for?

Photo of the EPFL campus

Thinking and Creating with Code is perfect for anyone ready to learn the hands-on skills necessary to bring an idea to life with code. Whether you want to change your job, become a junior web developer or simply have the skills and knowledge to play a bigger part in developing digital solutions at work, this course will give you problem-solving skills all employers and entrepreneurs need.

" I’d really like to congratulate the EPFL Extension School for doing such an amazing job. Doing an online course is tricky because you really need to manage your level of self-motivation, so I’ve loved the interaction and follow-up as a little reminder to stay on track, be positive and keep motivated. "

Szabina, EPFL Extension School Learner and Alumna

Course curriculum

The Thinking and Creating with Code course will help you develop foundational programming skills using JavaScript and Python, two popular and versatile languages for web development and data science. With video trainings, written lessons and a variety of hands-on exercises, you’ll not only learn to solve problems with code, you’ll also build a multi-project portfolio to showcase your skills.

  • The Essentials: What is programming and how learning it can help you
  • Getting Ready: Setting up your computer and environment
  • The Building Blocks: Key programming concepts and how to use them to solve real problems
  • Source Control Management: Using git to manage your code like a pro
  • Foundation Practice: Theory is nice but coding is all about doing
  • Understanding the Web: Developing web pages with HTML and CSS
  • Back-End Web Programming in Python: Building a web server to run your own web application
  • Front-End Programming with JavaScript: Creating interactive web pages
  • Errors and You: What to do when something goes wrong

These course details are subject to change; please refer to the program outline at the time of registration.


This course is taught at beginner-level. You should have the following tools, skills and abilities prior to registering for this course:

  • English at B1 level
  • A computer with a webcam, microphone and a minimum internet connection of 2Mbps download / 512kbps upload, enabling you to stream videos with sound and to effectively participate in video chats
  • Familiarity with operating a computer, including creating directories, moving and copying files and installing programs

Your course instructor team

Sabrina Lehner
Sabrina Lehner Course Developer and Instructor

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Thinking and Creating with Code

  • 150 hours
  • 350 CHF / month
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