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That's AI

Explore the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.


Introduction to Digital Skills

Take control of your digital world ans gain technical independance


Elements of Data Science

Learn how to import, analyze and visualize tabular data using R and the Tidyverse.


Foundations of Data Science

Learn the tools and technologies that you need to work with data.


Thinking and Creating with Code

Bring ideas to life by learning to code in Python and JavaScript.


Effective programming in Scala

Learn everything you need to work in Scala. The language, the standard library, and best practices.


Applied Data Science: Communication & Visualization

Learn to make any kind of data speak loud and clear.


Applied Data Science: Machine Learning

Solve data problems with machine learning skills and knowledge.

discover Workshop

Data Science Basics

Designed to give participants a solid understanding and a hands-on experience of Data Science in any organization.

discover Workshop

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Provides an introduction to AI and builds awareness around the potential of Machine Learning.

discover Workshop

Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

Participants generate AI opportunities within their respective teams, companies and businesses.

develop Workshop

Applications of Machine Learning

Hands-on experience of Machine Learning methods using a set of Jupyter notebooks in Python.

develop Workshop

Collaborative Data Science: Introduction

Builds on existing knowledge and applies it directly to real-world challenges in the organization.

develop Workshop

Collaborative Data Science: Custom

Custom workshop based on data sets and real-world use cases supplied by the organization.

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