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With 50 years of experience in higher education and nearly a decade of experience in online education as the top-ranked e‑learning provider in Europe, we work to provide accessible, affordable education to all, helping improve digital skills in Switzerland and around the world. We build our course content to teach real-world skills so that what you learn is easily transferred to a workplace. And our standards are high. The courses and programs of the EPFL Extension School are developed at the same quality level as our world class on-campus EPFL degree programs.

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Our courses and programs are built with the highest degree of integrity, quality, and direct connection to instructors. Courses are designed by our team of experts, including partners who bring deep knowledge and industry expertise. The online course materials provide you with video and written training tools, as well as hands-on project-based work. All learning is self-paced, with regular assessments as well as graded project work, to ensure you are mastering the material. Each of our longer-format certificate programs ends with an optional capstone project, which you may design around your personal interests or in collaboration with your employer to provide a functional solution for your company’s needs.

Our introductory and launchpad-level courses provide you with a solid foundational understanding of the worlds of the internet, data and code. Our certificate program offerings build on this knowledge to bring you to a level of professional proficiency. The skills you’ll learn in all of the courses and programs from the EPFL Extension School have immediate application in the modern job market, so you will be better equipped to understand and harness the capabilities of digital in your profession.

With the EPFL Extension School, you get university-quality courses with university-level access to instructors. Unlike most MOOCs that rely on peer-to-peer support, we provide weekly individual instructor support to keep you working toward mastery.

About the École polytechnique
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The Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is consistently ranked as the No. 1 “young” university in the world. The EPFL is located in the Swiss city of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva. Our main campus brings together more than 14,000 students, researchers and staff, pursuing our core missions of training, research and technology transfer.

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