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Giulia is learning coding and web app development with the EPFL Extension School.

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Photo of Giulia, EPFL Extension School Alumna

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EPFL Extension School?

Whatever your age, educational background or digital ability, you'll develop valuable skills and knowledge essential for digital transformation.

As the #1 university in Europe for e-learning, our online courses and programs are the same quality as our world-class on-campus EPFL degree programs. Learning with us means trust and confidence in your skills.

What our
learners say

Photo of Anaïs, EPFL Extension School Learner
" I am already reaping the benefits of learning with the EPFL Extension School. Not least, the professional credibility I have gained. "
Anaïs, Geneva
EPFL Extension School Learner
Photo of Samuel, EPFL Extension School Learner
" The on-boarding experience with the EPFL Extension School was the best I’ve ever had — better than at uni where I study for my masters. "
Samuel, Bern
EPFL Extension School Learner
Photo of Szabina, EPFL Extension School Learner
" It’s so motivating to know that I can apply what I’m learning at the EPFL Extension School straight into my real-life projects. "
Szabina, Préverenges
EPFL Extension School Learner
Photo of Enrico, EPFL Extension School Learner
" As a data scientist, my goal was to learn how to scale up a model so I could bring it from my computer to a wider audience. This is something I am now successfully starting to accomplish as a result of what I’ve learnt with the EPFL Extension School. "
Enrico, Lausanne
EPFL Extension School Learner

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get from us

  • 100% online
  • Hands-on project work
  • One-to-one personalized support
  • Self-paced learning
  • World-class EPFL quality
  • Real-world, job-ready, applicable skills

Our courses & programs

Beginner Course

Foundations of Data Science

Learn the tools and technologies that you need to work with data.

Beginner Course

50 Things You Need to Know About the Internet

Get the most out of the digital world with these skills and knowledge.

Beginner Course

Thinking and Creating with Code

Bring ideas to life by learning to code in Python and JavaScript.

Intermediate Program

Applied Data Science: Machine Learning

Solve data problems with machine learning skills and knowledge.

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